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Installing Child Safe Locks

Securing your home for the sake of your children is always a high priority for parents. Child safe locks play a huge role in securing the home, and they should be high up on the list for people who have young children.

Securing the areas of the house that have dangerous items or valuables becomes crucial for your child’s safety. Before installing child safe locks though, a consultative session with your Las Vegas locksmith is important as they will know what locks are best for you and your situation. To have a general idea of what you shall be discussing with them, here is a brief outline of a couple of different locks and their uses.

  1. Slide Locks

These are locks that have a U-shaped ring on which the lock slides. These are great for keeping cabinets closed as they secure the handles of the cabinet together.

  1. Magnetic Cabinet locks

These are locks that work by using two magnets to ensure the door is locked. They are commonly used on cabinets but can also be used to secure drawers. The principle behind them is that the magnets are so strong a child will not be able to open the door, but by using the key supplied an adult will be able to open it with ease.

  1. Interior safety latches

These latches are usually installed on the inside of drawers with screws, and they come in many varieties, including magnetic latches. Drawer locks like these can be fiddly, but they are a very secure option.

  1. Fridge Locks

Most modern fridges come with a built-in door lock, but if your fridge does not have one installed it is best to get one. These are usually glued to the top of the fridge, and consist of a latch that you can lock with a padlock.

Whatever lock you chose to install, it is always important to consult your Las Vegas locksmith to get a clearer picture of what it is you are installing in your home. Your Las Vegas locksmith will be able to advise you on which locks to avoid, depending on your situation and what you are locking up.

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